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It's all right, I'll fix it tomorrow...

everything looks perfect from far away
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Yes, I used to be algophobia, but the time came for cabbages and kings.

Apparently my last bio was shit, so. 28 yr old (omg so old) doctor who spends way too much time online and loves her friends up to the sky. I'm a total TV junkie so my obsessions change with my wardrobe, but QAF and Buffy are lifelong. Forever, I say.

He who acts, spoils: he who grasps, lets slip. Lao-Tse
Plz spend a minute pondering this, and then tell me wtf it means.

I've started playing around with all the pretty things in PhotoShop, so I need to give credit to the following people, for brushes, fonts, gradients etc: braggadocio_org, calixa, crumblingwalls, dtissagirl, inxsomniax, oxoniensis, quebelly, teh_indy, pureanodyne, and disappearicons. If anyone objects to just being 'listed' like this, plz let me know, and I'll try to post a proper link to your stuff. Screencaps are generally my own (some from _jems_), unless otherwise stated. Thx.
Of course, all the credit in the world goes to Cara (ex-lachrymalblue) because without her I'd be staring at my PS screen going WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS THEN.

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